Instrument Contamination/Tearing is a Thing of the Past with the Pegasus NoTouch™ System



Built-in handles… To maintain sterility!

The Pegasus NoTouch™ system eliminates virtually all human interaction during instrument reprocessing. Thanks to our stainless steel shelves and baskets that can be placed directly into the autoclave, over-handling and possible tears that result in contamination during sterilization or transport is a thing of the past. With NoTouch, the shelf is handled, not the pack…
until it is needed in the OR.

• The system shelves and baskets are built with handles so that
there is zero handling of blue wrapped packs, maintaining 100%
sterility during transport from the Sterile Processing Dept.
• Stainless steel construction is designed to resist contamination
• High density, flexible storage allows for greater capacity without
stacking, protecting wrapped packs from tearing.